Midwest’s Top Processor of Fresh, Pre-cut Fruits & Vegetables


Native to the Americas

and cultivated for centuries, tomatoes

are here to stay. G.O. Fresh offers a

variety of cut styles and sizes

including diced, quartered, sliced, and in wedges.


Truly a versatile vegetable that can be prepared in so many

ways. That’s why we carry a selection of several varieties and

pre-cut them to accommodate their varied uses: they can be

skin-on or peeled, whole or chunks, quartered, sliced, diced,

fry-cut, matchstick, shredded, in wedges or hand-turned.


You can count on peppers, green, yellow or red, to always

provide an extra splash of color to brighten up any dish or salad.

Whether they’re chunks, diced, rings, slivered, julienned or in a

mixed confetti, they’re always beautiful!


White, red, yellow or green, onions are a kitchen staple

and an essential ingredient in cuisines around the world.

We offer them whole-peeled, sliced, diced, slivered, in

wedges, in slabs or rings, and we pre-cut them in a variety

of sizes to suit their use.


It’s hard to imagine a vegetable that lends itself to more

cut styles and sizes than the ever-popular carrot: chips,

chunks, coins, diced, sticks, whole, julienned or shredded.


Celery is mentioned in writings as far back as 850 B.C.,

but it didn’t become popular in Europe until the mid-18th

century. G.O. Fresh provides celery in various cut sizes as

chunks, diced, julienned, sticks and slices.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

These two vegetables from the same family, are often

mentioned together due to their similarities. Hence, both

are offered as buds or florets.


Typically used raw, as garnish, or in salads, radishes are

crisp, colorful, and tasty. Ours are whole-trimmed, sliced,

diced or shredded for our salad blends, or sculpted into

radish-rose garnishes.

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