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G.O. Fresh is the premier, Midwest processor of fresh, pre-cut fruits and vegetables. Our current selection of over 700 SKUs is the largest in the region and we continue to expand our list of specialty salads and custom blends.

Our 60,000 sq ft facility, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, serves customers within the 5-state region. Our central location gives us a unique advantage– the opportunity to deliver the freshest pre-cuts possible. G.O. Fresh pre-cuts taste kitchen-fresh because they were “just-cut.”

G.O. Fresh is known for achieving consistently high quality in our product line. That quality is a reflection of our constant attention to details and commitment to operational excellence, beginning with the selection of the best produce available. Because our produce buyers are skilled, experienced specialists with extensive knowledge of the produce market, they give us the edge on assessing quality and identifying value.

We guarantee daily, fresh, on-time delivery to our distributors. We can make that guarantee because our drivers are all G.O. Fresh employees, experienced with transporting perishables. And our fleet of well-maintained and temperature-calibrated trucks ensures safe transport.

The advantage of an experienced, dedicated workforce is magnified at every stage in our operation; every department adds something to the value chain and takes responsibility for making G.O. Fresh easy to do business with and focused on quality and safety.

Commitment to Customers

Our customers are the focus of everything we do; being customer-oriented means that every decision is analyzed in terms of its potential impact on our customers. Will this decision enhance customer satisfaction, improve our product or make us better able to respond to customer requests? If the answer is no, it’s back to the drawing board. We know that if we don’t serve our customers well, someone else will.

Commitment to Employees

We believe there’s a direct link between employee morale and customer satisfaction which is why we focus on being a responsible, respectful and fair employer. The quality of workmanship that goes into our products, the ready-compliance with our good manufacturing practices and HACCP program, and the low staff turnover rate are all reflections of our employees’ dedication, support and enthusiasm. Our employees are what make G.O. Fresh successful and we appreciate them every day.

Commitment to Safety

Our single greatest responsibility is product safety. Customers have to trust that food is safe and healthful. We take the utmost care to maximize freshness, ensure sanitary conditions, maintain the cold chain, and maximize security. That’s why we keep detailed logs and tracking records plus utilize multiple safety protocols and practices including:

Our own in-house Quality Assurance department, headed by a degreed scientist and staffed by professional technicians

HACCP program

Adherence to GMP

Third-party audited by SQF and FDA

Tsunami 100 flume and water wash system

Metal detection screening

Sealed-truck delivery

Tamper-evident packaging

Facility security monitoring

Pre-employment security screening

Employee education and training

Commitment to Community

Our sense of community responsibility reflects both our personal principles and our belief that helping to build a strong community makes good business sense: when communities thrive, businesses thrive. Every week, G.O. Fresh donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to local food shelves and other organizations. We are proud to be able to contribute to Katrina relief efforts and other programs which enhance the health and well-being of communities around the nation.

Leadership Team

Patricia G. Greene..................President, Chief Executive Officer

M.L. Owen.............................Chief Operations Officer

Joyce Lupinek........................Chief Financial Officer, consulting

Scott Grow............................VP Operations

Jim Zurbey............................Production Manager

G.O. Fresh

2521 Hennepin Ave. E

Mpls, MN 55413

Corporate office 612-256-1770

Fax 612-331-1715

Value Statement:

G.O.Fresh values people and will always treat others with dignity and respect. We will conduct business ethically, honestly and with integrity. And by working together as a team, we will pursue excellence in everything we do. G.O.Fresh values change, challenge and just plain old hard work.

Purpose statement:

It is the purpose of G.O.Fresh to be a leader in the fresh-cut industry by being a dependable provider of clean and safe, high quality, value-added fruits and vegetables. We work together, in partnership with our customers, to provide fresh business solutions that will help to make all of us successful in this competitive marketplace.

Mission Statement:

The gold standard for G.O.Fresh's success is customer satisfaction and employee pride – each mutually dependant on the other for our success. As an integrated, customer-focused team, enlivened by challenge, eager to compete, filled with a spirit of pride and sense of promise, G.O.Fresh will thrive. We will search for creative ways to bring value to our customers; be vigorous but fair competitors, always alert to new opportunities and constantly challenging ourselves to reach further. G.O.Fresh is building a proud and exciting future that will make customers strategic allies, provide a positive work environment for our employees and strengthen our community.


G.O. Fresh is a privately held company, owned by Patricia Greene and Marylou Owen, a long-time veteran of the fresh-cut produce industry. G.O. Fresh was built on the foundation of another successful fresh produce business which she helped transition from a bulk produce dealer to one of the region’s earliest fresh-cut processors.

The depth of industry-specific experience that Marylou brings to the table is augmented by Pat’s considerable business experience. But the third and equally critical element to G.O. Fresh’s success is the level of experience of the staff and production workers. Our people are our strength.

G.O. Fresh’s sales team and staff is comprised of a core group of individuals who have been with the company for at least 15 years, some as long as 30 years. Their product knowledge, customer understanding, passion for the business, personal commitment to quality and service, and simple love of the product is fundamental to our success. Having a stable production workforce (the average length of employment for our hourly workers is over 11 years!) also accounts for our consistent, dependable, high quality.

Membership and Affiliations

Gold Circle Member PMA

United Fresh Produce Association

United Fresh Chairman’s Roundtable

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