G.O. Fresh Food Safety Program



Multi-layered defenses

The battle to control, prevent, eliminate or reduce microbial contamination, biochemical changes and physical hazards, is fought relentlessly and simultaneously, on many fronts.

Careful inspection and high standards before accepting delivery of produce

Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all produce using Tsunami 100 as an antimicrobial additive in the processing water

HACCP food safety program

In-house lab for testing and analysis

Professional Quality Assurance specialists

Third-party annual audited and certified by SQF

FDA inspected

Metal detection scanning

Rigorous monitoring and maintenance of the cold chain

Best-by package dating

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

Stainless steel production equipment to facilitate effective cleaning & sanitation

Robust employee safety awareness training and standards of hygiene

Complete record keeping system

Security-sealed trucks, driven by G.O. Fresh employees

Secure facility

Tamper-evident packaging

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