Midwest’s Top Processor of Fresh, Pre-cut Fruits & Vegetables

Food Manufacturers

G.O. Fresh contracts with food manufacturers to process fresh fruits and vegetables as semi-finished products or as individual food components.

Food manufacturers face many challenges today and like all manufacturers, are searching for ways to cut costs, improve efficiency, increase revenues and grow their business.

Outsourcing to G.O. Fresh helps manufacturers achieve their goals through:

Consistent product quality

Food safety and sanitation programs which meet or exceed industry standards

Flexibility in response to changing production volumes

Custom cuts and styles

Objective performance measurements

Economy of scale

Collaboration with fresh-cut professionals with decades of experience in the

fresh-cut industry

Partner with G.O. Fresh to reduce capital expenses for space, equipment,

people, training and other related manufacturing costs.

Outsourcing to G.O. Fresh means manufacturers can:

Avoid over- or under-production

Eliminate wasteful errors and inappropriate processing

Reduce equipment cost, maintenance and spare parts expenses

Lower costs for plant and warehouse space

Control inventory

Reduce labor costs

Reduce energy and other infrastructure costs

Labor issues and the resulting risk to quality and food safety,

continues to be food manufacturing executives’ top concern.

G.O. Fresh solves the problem of recruiting, training and retaining qualified workers. Our experienced production team is at-the-ready to fulfill food makers processing needs. As trained, professional food handlers, skilled in GMP, they have a working knowledge of food safety regulations, sanitation standards and health and personal hygiene requirements. The result is a safe, high quality product, made to your specifications.

Food Safety is Job #1

Kosher certification available

Third-party annual audited and certified by SQF

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