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Sustainability Initiatives

Watt energy problem?

Being energy efficiency starts with reducing the amount of energy consumed. We employ an ongoing program of audit and analysis to find new ways to reduce energy consumption. Installing new equipment and updating old, reduces electrical usage throughout our facility: offices, production room floor, receiving room, storage lockers and shipping docks. From simple motion detectors and low energy lighting, to better cooler insulation, we are constantly looking for ways to lower the cost of doing business and preserving natural resources.

Sustainability and Corporate Stewardship

The art and science of building a sustainable future

For years G.O. Fresh has been quietly integrating the core concepts of sustainability and good corporate stewardship into our everyday business practices, processes and policies. And we’re not done!

Sustainable development continues to be a key element in our overall business strategy. We believe that the strongest, most resilient and adaptive companies, those that will thrive over time, are companies that balance traditional economic interests with forward-looking environmental and societal interests.

The 3 pillars of our sustainable development strategy are:

1) Commitment to People - Social responsibility

We invest in our employees, contribute to a healthy community and build strong business partnerships.

2) Commitment to Conservation - Responsible stewardship

of the earth

Preservation of our planet’s precious natural resources is a fundamental value. Incorporating green practices which respect the earth and reduce our carbon footprint are essential considerations in every business decision we make.

3) Commitment to Growth - Sustainable business success

Realizing our full business potential requires creative solutions which balance environmental concerns with long term profitability. Building a culture of sustainability and success includes providing superior products, reducing costs, improving efficiencies, enhancing productivity AND caring for the earth.

The clean water imperative

Over the last several years, we discontinued use of an inefficient waste-water disposal system, saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year.

People; our most

valuable asset

Our hiring practices and promotion policies supports and respects true workforce diversity. With a firm commitment to equal opportunity without regard to gender, culture, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference, we attract and retain a talented group of skilled employees, many of whom have been with us for 17+ years.

Acknowledging and rewarding superior performance builds a sustainable culture of excellence, reflected in the consistent quality of our products.

Fuel conservation

Keeping fuel costs at a minimum makes good economic and ecologic sense. That’s why we equipped our fleet of tractor trailers with monitors governing top speed and thereby, fuel consumption. Finding technology solutions to age-old business problems is one of the ways we are building a sustainable future.


Intelligent use of

excess products

Perfectly good, fresh, wholesome, healthy food is tossed away and left to rot every day across America. We believe it’s better to donate high quality, excess fresh food to local food shelves. Food shelves are especially in need of healthy fresh produce — and we’re happy to provide.

If it’s organic, it’s

never a “waste”

The natural cycle of all organic matter is for it to be returned to the earth. That’s why unusable organic refuse is sent to a composting facility where it is transformed into certified compost, ready to enhance lawns, gardens and flower beds (certified through the US Compost Councils Seal of Testing Assurance.)

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